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Wei of Chocolate


The blessings of dark chocolate infused with flower essences.
Balance your earth, water, fire, wind & space elements with Wei of Chocolate.

These 3″ x 3″ square chocolate bars break into 9 melt-in-your-mouth segments.
Take a moment to let the chocolate melt in your mouth, and soothe your soul.

Available in 4 flavors:

Crystallized Ginger
Once you experience the richness of ginger & chocolate, with jewel-like bits of crystallized ginger, you’ll feel the quality of the Earth element: stable, strong, protective. Infused with True Strength flower essences for support, belonging & wholeness.

Divine Rose 
Nurture yourself with luxurious rose-infused dark chocolate & feel nourished on a deep level. Infused with LOTUSWEI Divine Within flower essences for self-fulfillment, gentleness & nourishment.

Soothing Cinnamon
Savor the flavor reminiscent of a soft, warm cinnamon bun. Infused with LOTUSWEI Sacred Heart flower essences for hope, resilience & transmutation.

Vietnamese Coffee
We all know the qualities of a good cup of coffee: warming, invigorating, motivating! With this deliciously creamy coffee dark chocolate bar, you can tap into those qualities to clarify your mind, ignite your creative fire & activate your energy. Infused with LOTUSWEI Inspired Action flower essences for creativity, motivation & intuition.




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