CBD & CBG Roll-on with Menthol


Made with USDA Certified Organic hemp

Available in two strengths:
400mg 1oz bottle (regular strength mini / travel size)
1200mg 3oz bottle (regular strength)
2400mg 3oz bottle (extra-strength)

Support well-functioning joints and soothe muscles with the help of our CBG / CBD Roll-On with Menthol.

Applications: 90+ per 3oz; 30+ per 1oz

Directions: Roll-on desired amount to area that is experiencing soreness or stiffness. To help with decongestion, apply to chest, sides of nose, and/or back of neck.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp* (CBD & CBG) Extracts, Ethanol, Water, Methocel (cellulose from plant matter), Camphor Essential Oil*, Copaiba Essential Oil*, Peppermint Essential Oil*, Menthol   *Organic Ingredient

Organically Grown & Manufactured
(GMP certified) in the USA