Dark Chocolate Adaptogen Bar


Choose from 4 dark chocolate flavors & functional adaptogenic mushroom blends:

Coffee: Cordyceps & Reishi

Mint: Chaga & Turkey Tail

Orange: Tremella & Reishi

Sea Salt: Lion’s Mane & L-theanine

USDA-certified organic, Vegan
Sweetened with 100% organic coconut palm sugar and monkfruit.

What are Adaptogens?
Adaptogens are classified as herbs, minerals and mushrooms that help protect the body from stress. In addition, functional mushrooms not only increase immunity but act as immunoregulators. This means that they calm an overactive immune system when stressed and increase its activity when sluggish. These intelligent compounds work on a cellular level, increasing our cells’ ability to respond to stress.

What are Functional Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are nature’s original and most studied superfood.
About 40% of Western medicines today, including penicillin, are derived from mushrooms.

Functional mushrooms are adaptogens, which help the body adapt to stress and provide support where it’s lacking, acting like a thermostat; calming you down or boosting you up, depending on what your body needs.

All functional mushrooms contain beta glucans, which provide powerful immune support among other benefits. Mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and Reishi have been used by physicians for millennia for their ability to support immunity, cognitive function, restore hormonal balance, tame inflammation, and much more.


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