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  • Forged Steel Pruner
    These forged carbon steel utility shears can be used in the garden, kitchen, office or studio. Thanks to their simple yet useful symmetrical design, they can be used by both right and left handed craftspeople. Although they were traditionally known for pruning small shrubs, we have found they are useful for nearly every task, including cutting weed cloth, harvesting herbs and flowers, and cutting twine.
  • Garden Twine Dispenser
    Keep your twine clean and your potting bench looking great! This metal dispenser holds a full-size ball of twine (included!) and has a built-in cutter so you don’t need to remember any scissors.
  • Seed Saving Envelopes (Set of 6)
    Perfect for storing and organizing your seeds for the following year—with places to write all the vital information and a handy self-sealing flap.

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