Mushroom Revival Calm Gummies


Stress can throw your body’s systems out of whack, making your adrenals run haywire with adrenaline and cortisol. It can burn you out, leaving you feeling exhausted, drained, or just restless. You might find yourself getting irritable for no reason yet unable to settle down.

Reishi can be the fuzzy socks and lavender of your wellness routine, helping to balance your overall systems and keep you running smoothly. Functional mushrooms and their adaptogens can help level up your adaptability to occasional stress. Keeping calm and carrying on can support your heart health and immune system. 

These Reishi Calm gummies are the first USDA-certified organic mushroom gummies, and they’re vegan & kosher just like everything else we make. 

Equivalent to 1000mg of mushrooms per serving, or 30,000mg of mushrooms per bag

100% Mushroom Fruit Bodies. No Mycelium on Grain

50% post consumer recycled packaging! 

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