Mushroom Revival Lion’s Mane Focus Powder


Lion’s Mane Powder Supports:

  • Mental clarity, focus and recall*
  • Cerebral and cognitive function*
  • Gut Health*
  • Nervous System*

This antioxidant supporting functional mushroom supplement might support mental clarity and focus, for a surge of natural brain power that keeps your mind sharp and supports your memory.

Lion’s Mane mushroom powder tastes like creamy, decadent chocolate, which is why many of us like to add it to our coffee—for a luxe mocha experience, with mushroom benefits. This formulation is specially crafted to avoid the bitter tastes that other functional mushroom powders may have. You can happily enjoy the benefits of this lion’s mane supplement without leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Use it in hot or cold drinks, in your breakfast oatmeal, as you bake—the options are endless.

• USDA-Certified organic
• 100% mushroom fruit bodies.
• No mycelium on grain
• Vegan

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