Can I give my pet CBD oil?

girl with dog

Our pets are just as important to us as our human family members, and we would do just about anything to keep them healthy and happy. The challenge with furry kids, though, is that they can’t speak to us. It’s our responsibility to interpret their behavior and body language to the best of our ability—including and especially when they aren’t feeling well.

Just as you would with human kids, it’s normal to worry about the kind of medication you’re giving your pets and what options, if any, there are for natural anti-anxiety and pain relief. Luckily, hemp-derived CBD is a safe and natural option for pets. Here are the benefits of CBD oil for dogs and cats and other natural hemp products to support your pet’s health.

Benefits of Hemp Oil Products

The health benefits of hemp-derived CBD and other products for pets are many. CBD oil and treats for pets can help with managing arthritis pain, reducing skin allergies, treating seizure disorders, treating mood disorders, regulating weight management, maintaining skin health, and boosting the immune system. Additionally, CBD and other elements of cannabis have even been said to help prevent certain types of cancers by reducing chronic inflammation.

For aging pets experiencing arthritis, CBD and hemp oil are highly effective in easing their pain. When it comes to CBD products for pets, the safest option is to make sure it’s high quality hemp-derived CBD, which is very low in THC. For dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and even horses, CBD is an effective natural remedy for pain relief and general wellbeing.

Hemp / CBD product options include:
● Oils and tinctures
● CBD treats specifically for dogs, cats, horses and other pets
● Hemp CBD pet shampoo

Hemp Oil Uses for Pets

There are many ways that hemp oil could be beneficial for your pet:
● Skin problems
● Anxiety and separation issues
● Aggression and mood issues
● Appetite issues
● Barking, pacing, or fear
● Pain and discomfort
● Arthritis and joint pain
● Seizures
● Travel or environmental stress

How to Determine Your Pet’s Dose of CBD Oil

If you’re new to CBD hemp oil and don’t know exactly how much to give your pet, start small and work your way up. Be aware that it is very unlikely your pet would get sick or experience adverse effects from CBD oil, but slow and steady dosing is still recommended, especially when introducing a new product to your pet. Never give a pet medicinal marijuana products or edibles for humans. Suggested dosing for oil is about 0.05 mg per lb. twice a day to 0.25 mg per lb. twice a day.

If you think CBD oil could help your pet, chat with your veterinarian. Most pet doctors are supportive of natural remedies for pets, and they may even offer recommendations for products or dosing. Feel free to contact the Kaya team if you have any questions about CBD products for pets!