Simple, Eco-Friendly Tips for Celebrating an Plastic-free July

A collection of eco-friendly, plastic-free bath & body hemp products.

To any rational person, July does not seem like a month to be celebrated here in Arizona. Temperatures hover quite a bit above 100 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the month, making even a simple trip to the grocery store a test of human will and automobile air-conditioning. 

Perhaps it’s due to us Arizonans slowly baking in this earthly oven that so many of us seek ways to shrink our carbon footprint and ease the burden placed on future generations. Some of us have cut down on driving, some of us now consume less factory-farmed meat, but one of the most simple adjustments we can make with eco-friendly goals in mind is to use less plastic in our homes. 

With the increasing demand for alternatives to plastic homewares, there’s arguably never been a better time to be celebrating #PlasticFreeJuly. To help get you in the spirit with us, we’ve assembled a selection of some of our favorite products that will have you ditching their rivals for good–so you can live plastic-free all year:

Beeswax Food Wraps from Abeego

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic wraps, bags, and storage containers, Abeego 

infuses organic jojoba oil, tree resin, and beeswax into a hemp and organic cotton cloth

that is self-adhesive for a snug fit around produce and food containers. These wraps are

reusable (you can get about a year out of them if washed with cold water and gentle 

soap), breathable, and biodegradable–so you can bury them in your planter out back 

and grow some flowers while that plastic sandwich bag sits in a landfill for a generation 

or two.   

Zero-Waste Scrub Brushes

Coconut, hemp and/or sisal bristles and wood handles make for durable, functional, and sustainable cleaning products great in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in your home. Some of these are even compostable!

Pure Copper Water Bottle

No more wasting bottles and cups derived from plastic that can contaminate the 

water you drink. This bottle does more than keep drinks colder for longer; the copper material is an antioxidant that regulates the alkalinity in the body which is beneficial for skin and organs. It’s stylish, too!

“Plastic Sucks” Cutlery Set from Conscious Cutlery

A stainless-steel straw, spoon, fork, knife, cleaning brush, and chopsticks are housed in a hemp & cotton blend pouch that fits in most small bags, backpacks, and purses. Plus, if anyone in your vicinity has trouble picking up on your eco-friendly worldview, the words “Plastic Sucks” are printed in large black letters to clear up any confusion as to your stance. This one makes a great gift and has been a hit ever since we started carrying it in our shop a year ago!

Those are just a few of the sustainable options we have available for conscious consumers like you. Come see what else we offer on our website or visit us in our Phoenix storefront for more ideas on how to better equip your home with planet-friendly products. We hope you enjoy a safe and healthy #PlasticFreeJuly!