Can Water Soluble CBD Transform the Industry?

These water soluble CBD products might just transform the industry.

Judging by the sheer number of CBD-infused products on the market today, it’s difficult to imagine that the industry still has room to grow. However, there’s little doubt among the experts; we have yet to learn everything we can about CBD and its full potential. As we continue researching and expanding our general knowledge of cannabinoids—particularly how they interact with the human body—we’re bound to make some interesting discoveries along the way. Lately, one development in particular, the creation of water soluble CBD, has been grabbing everyone’s attention.

Getting Acquainted With Water Soluble CBD

It’s becoming one of the most talked about recent developments in the CBD space. Maybe you’ve seen labels or packaging that advertises “nanoemulsified CBD”, “nanotechnology” or even “microemulsion”. All of these fancy terms are essentially advertising the same concept—water soluble CBD. What that means is that the oil-based CBD particles have been separated out into even tinier molecules that are encased within a surfactant layer. This surfactant layer then allows those molecules to dissolve more easily in water (which, of course, means they’re water soluble!).

So Why Do Some People Think Water Soluble CBD Is The Superior Technology?

The working theory is that the oil-based extracts we’ve been relying on en masse for the past few years aren’t the most efficient at getting cannabinoids to work their magic within our bodies, since we’re mostly made up of water. This takes the concept of bioavailability—which we typically speak about in terms of which application methods of oil-based CBD extracts deliver their compounds to the bloodstream quickly—and adds another variable altogether; how small are the cannabinoid particles in question, and why?

When the cannabis compounds are that small and coated in a carrier which dissolves in water, it’s believed we can bypass a lot of the human bodies’ processes that start breaking down CBD extracts before they reach our bloodstream by way of bodily systems such as digestion, for example. This is why you may notice a lot of the nanoemulsion / microemulsion / water soluble CBD products out there today are in the form of capsules, soft gels, tinctures, and sublingual sprays.

Where Does It Go From Here?

There is already a wide selection of water soluble CBD products on shelves around the globe (including some of the shelves at our Phoenix storefront), leaving an opportunity for curious minds and bodies to try this technology for themselves. As with most theories that are cannabis-related; more testing needs to be done before we can know for certain if this is a wise pivot for cannabinoid consumption in general. 

For now, we can agree it’s a pretty cool, exciting concept that could revolutionize the industry if proven to be correct. If you want to try some of these water soluble CBD products for yourself, check out what we have on our website, visit our Phoenix storefront, or contact us on our social media accounts to learn more.