The Full Moon peaks at 6:53 AM MST on Thursday, May 23rd at 2° Sagittarius.

Keywords and themes for this lunation

  • flirty
  • playful
  • curious
  • expansive
  • imaginative,
  • new perspectives and exploration through a physical sense

Sagittarius Full Moon Report

Fire sign, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the expander, and often brings optimism and hope. The archetype of Sagittarius is the philosopher and the explorer. The energy of Sag is to embody our philosophies, through exploration. Assuming the bigger picture, but theoretically. Think, bigger and wider than what we already “know”. 

The other half of Sagittarius’ story is Gemini, an Air sign ruled by Mercury who represents our thoughts, our way of thinking and sharing information. Gemini’s archetypes are the storyteller, and the teacher. 

The Moon is reflected as our internal and emotional world, the unconscious. The Moon is one of two ‘planets’ that indicates feminine energy.  While the Sun is the masculine energy, representing the conscious self, the development of our vitality and ego. 

The Sun and the Moon = the Yin and the Yang.

Full Moons symbolize the peak of the lunar cycle, also known as the halfway point. It is when the Sun opposes and the Moon in the sky. During a Full Moon, we often feel a surge of energy as the conscious Sun illuminates the unconscious Moon, lighting our night sky. Energetically Full Moons signify a time to release or purge. Releasing some of that unconscious energy that is being illuminated during the lunation, to clear up space for you to welcome something new, something more in alignment for your highest good. 

During the Sagittarius Full Moon lunation, we also have Pluto playing a significant role and making direct aspects to both the Sun and the Moon. Pluto is often known as the planet of chaos, transformation, death and rebirth. At Pluto’s highest frequency, its job is to discern truth and offer the realization of one’s destiny, while potentially creating chaos to open space for the truth to come through. 

Questions to ponder during the Full Moon in Sagittarius:

  • Where in my life can I lean deeper into my imagination and have more faith? 
  • How can I express myself more freely? 
  • Where in my life can I get curious and invoke more joy and play? 
  • What stories am I telling myself that are holding me back from exploring more of my truth? 
  • What is blocking me from receiving the spaciousness I need to imagine, and to think beyond my “known” world? 

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