Welcome New Moon in Gemini!
Heart-centered, social, expansive—a fresh start.

The New Moon occurs at 16° Gemini on Thursday, June 6th, at 5:37 AM MST. New Moons are considered the dark moon, where the sun and moon come together in the sky. When the sky is dark, it’s a great time for internal reflection, and for setting new intentions as we begin the new lunar cycle. 

Your way of thinking and your ideas are unique. No one else has the exact same thoughts and ideas that you have, which in turn makes them special—remember that! Consider your ideas a pivotal contribution to the world. How can they be shared with your unique flare?

Gemini, the third sign in the zodiac is a Mutable Air sign ruled by Mercury—who in mythology was known as the messenger of the gods, and is associated with all things communication—our way of thinking, processing, and sharing information. Mercury’s mantra is “I think”. Gemini is also notoriously known for the archetype of the twins, bringing in the duality; yin/yang, dark/light, logical/intuition, speak/reflect. Gemini is still young energy in the zodiac, and often brings the playful, curious, witty and adaptable child-like energy. 

During this lunation, we have five planets in Gemini; the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all coming together to bring an emphasis on new beginnings, and a very concentrated  playful way-of-thinking energy. When we have three or more planets in the same sign, it is referred to as a stellium. A stellium brings an emphasis of energy, supporting us in these new beginnings. This energy is a reminder that we as humans are social beings, and we need each other. Our way of thinking and our ideas are all a part of this life as a collaboration. How can our ideas turn into dialogues, bring us into a deeper connection with each other, and expand us collectively?

We cannot talk about this New Moon, without talking about Venus. Venus, the planet of love, our values and our divine feminine, is making an exact conjunction to this New Moon. Venus has been a very prominent player this entire week, and this energy feels like an awakening within the divine feminine. It also feels like a fresh start in our dialogue around love. Self love, community love, romantic love, but also that high level of divine love which is the alchemy to our  internal dialogue and our collective consciousness. Can we open our hearts and share more? AND, can we open our hearts and listen more, too? 

How can we invoke more dialogue around love, to expand the love within ourselves and those around us? 

Finally, the New Moon is also making a square to Saturn in Pisces, which could bring in some limiting-beliefs around your internal dialogue. But because Jupiter is the co-ruler of Pisces and Jupiter recently moved into Gemini and is a part of the Gemini New Moon sandwich, this energy feels softened. If those limiting beliefs start to sneak in, ask yourself how you can be more flexible in your thinking? Consider this: If my current dialogue is heart led, how would that change my living experience?

Prompts to ponder:

What perspectives or ideas do I have that desire to be shared with my community? 

How can I create more dialogue around love and connection, and my heart space? 

And how can I share this dialogue with others? 

What does leading with your heart in conversation mean to you? 

How can I create more connection through my communication? 

Where can I offer more listening in my life? 

Where in my thinking mind, can I become more flexible and where do I need to pivot? 

How can I bring more playfulness and spontaneity into my my life?

What new relationships are showing up in my life, and how can I get curious and open my heart to these new connections? 

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