Happy Solstice! Lets celebrate all the light, as the Sun reaches the highest point in the sky here in the Northern Hemisphere. A beautiful moment where we honor the abundance that comes from the seeds planted in Spring. A time to feast and find pleasure in the bounty we receive from the richness of the Earth. Solstice is potent time of energy, joy, and fertility. Thank you, Sun. This is a beautiful time to get outside, celebrate all the abundance, and enjoy our thriving gardens.

On June 21st we find the Moon at its fullest expression at 1°Capricorn, at the same time the Sun is peaking at its highest point in the sky when he moves into Cancer, initiating the start of a new season, the Summer Solstice. 

While we often associate Full Moons as a time of release, this Full Moon in early degrees of Capricorn and the Summer Solstice meet, a rare and special moment of time, feels like a time for potent new beginnings. 

The Full Moon peaks at 6:07 PM MST on Friday, June 21st. With the Sun in Cancer, a Cardinal – Water sign, it is illuminating themes around our intuition, our home, and how we find security in nurturing ourselves. With the Moon in Capricorn, a Cardinal – Earth sign, it brings structure, practicality and self-efficiency to our internal world. 

Both Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, meaning they initiate a new season. The Sun in Cancer initiates Summer, while the Sun in Capricorn initiates Winter. 

Ah, another affirmation for a new beginning. New seasons = new beginnings. 

In spring, we plant our seeds, and cultivate the soil. Tending to the land, and tending to ourselves, creating an environment that supports what Summer often brings which is fertility, abundance, and growth.

Capricorn, the Father archetype, is associated with strategy, longevity, and the strength within the endurance of the journey. Capricorn’s are known as the sea-goats; they can climb the tallest of mountains, and dive deep into the seas, giving Capricorn significant range and determination. 

With the Sun in Cancer, the Mother Archetype, it is illuminating our creativity, emotions and our comfort to the conscious mind. Connecting with the energy of Cancer, is connecting to the womb, the home, and the place of creation. 

With both the Mother and Father archetypes present, we have a beautiful opportunity to bring balance to the masculine and feminine. 

This Full Moon in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet represented by the Father archetype. At Saturns highest function, he teaches us self-discipline, and the development of ones faith in their destiny. But so often we hear how Saturn is connected to limitations and boundaries, and also our Karma. Certainly this is true, but Saturn is here to teach you discipline and your will in life. He will give you the opportunity to focus more on your intentions versus your fears. 

This Full Moon is making a square to Neptune. Neptune is mystical and the great dissolver and is the higher octave of Venus, meaning he is associated with our dreams, spirituality and universal love. Neptunes highest function is a creation point for the conscious being and brings the awareness of God, and interconnectedness. Neptune is just beyond Saturn in the sky, so when push past the limits that may have been instilled, we connect to the divine.

Alternatively, this can bring out Neptune’s shadowy side, which is escapism, laziness, and delusion, so being discerning of what is showing up for you during this lunation and how you choose to navigate it, is part of the power initiated in this new beginning. 

This energy is asking you trust the divine that is innately within you, and create the life you have been dreaming of and so-desire. But with this square, it could bring some discomfort as Neptune may be clearing the fog from your reality and may be dissolving what you thought was once real. With Neptune as a prominent player in this lunation, there may be an evaporation from our fairytale beliefs, and quickly  snapped back into reality, it could feel harsh, but it is an opportunity for clarity to come through, and then to take practical steps forward. 

This Full Moon feels big, potent, and an excellent reminder to tap into our intuition. It is a great time to meditate,  spend some time nourishing yourself, get grounded in your sensuality and your home environment, while also spending time nature, or in a body of water.

Connect with the abundance of the Earth, the abundance that is innately within you, and the abundance that is divine and all around us.

Questions to ponder: 

  • What are some practical actions I can take now to tap into my long term dreams and desires? 
  • What intentions can I set to find more discipline in creating my longterm dreams and desires ?
  • Where in my life can I replace fear with intention? What is that intention? 
  • How can I tend to my emotional world and create more security in feeling? 
  • What does being conscious and creative mean to me? 
  • How can I set boundaries around my self-care? 

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